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Exercise is medicine!  The team at Rope Neuro Rehabilitation are set up and providing phone and telehealth consultations daily.


RIGHT NOW if you have a neurological condition and the situation we find ourselves in is limiting your ability to participate in regular physical activity you are potentially increasing your risk of further complications.


We are here for you!  Our telehealth consultation option is perfectly designed to fill the current gap in accessing therapy services. While we know it may not replace all that a hands-on therapy session may provide we have had positive feedback from our motivated clients to keep engaged, provide progressions, management when symptoms have changed.


We are finding great benefit in particular for those with Parkinson’s, vertigo and concussion management.


We are offering 2 x a week high amplitude exercise classes FREE – AMPd and have had wonderful feedback from attendees. AMPd is an exercise Class based on high amplitude, explosive exercise therapy programme designed for those of all ages diagnosed with Parkinson’s.


Check out our FB page for the ZOOM login details which will be updated weekly


(due to ZOOM platform warnings please request the class password from admin@ropeneurorehab.co.nz)



Home Visiting Neurological Physiotherapy Service (Our home visiting service is currently unavailable due to COVID19 Restrictions)

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation staff have had extensive experience working with neurological clients in the community and supportive care settings.

Throughout all stages of rehabilitation our team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Therapy Assistants are able to consider effects and implications of having a neurological disorder and provide thorough assessments and treatment prescription.

We offer a private service both in the community and clinic setting and are ACC registered. We offer a no wait list service, flexible hours and functional client centred goals at the intensity required.


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Online Neuro Physio, an online hub where you can access 1:1 consultations, group webinars and educational training all through the comfort of your own home.

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