We are registered to be able to provide standard equipment including frames through both ACC and Ministry of Health to those in need.

If we are seeing you in your home, our car is our office and we will bring most types of therapy equipment with us to the home, we can advise and arrange provision of equipment if required.

We provide individualised therapy programmes using our equipment and also making the most of what is available around the home.

If we are seeing you in the clinic, we have a range of equipment for your use while you are with us and again we can order and arrange for equipment as you need it.

This equipment includes

  • Body weight support
  • Parallel bars
  • Powered arm and leg cycle machine
  • Exercycle
  • Bioness and XFT units (functional electrical stimulation)
  • TENS/FES machines
  • Nordic Poles
  • Balance boards
  • Upper limb dexterity and power measure equipment
  • Gym balls, resistance bands splints equipment weights
  • Boxing equipment
  • Vestibular assessment and rehabilitation tools
  • Wheel chair 
  • Gutter Frame
  • Walkers

Equipment Hire Policy

Below is a list of equipment available to hire by Rope Neuro Rehab and the weekly hire charges (if in stock).

If there are any issues with the equipment you have hired, please let us know as soon as possible.

ItemOur weekly hire fee
BIONESS UNIT $800.00 Month (plus bond)
Bath stool hire $5.00
Dictus Band $10.00
Elephant Feet $10.00
FES Machine $40.00 First Month
Laser Glasses  $10 plus $50 bond
Blue screen Glasses $10.00 plus $50 bond
Nordic Poles $15.00
Pedals $5.00
Tens Machine $40.00 First Month
U step walking frame $10.00
Walking Frame $10.00
Walking Sticks $5.00
Weights $5.00
Wii $25.00
XFT system $460.00 Month plus bond

If you have any further questions please let us know.


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