Virtual Exercise Class Timetable 



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
8.30am     NeuroFIT    
9am     Balance BOOST    
10am       Neuro Lengthen  
10.30am   Stretch + Strength     Stretch + Strength
11am NeuroFIT        
1.30pm   Balance BOOST   Balance BOOST  



A moderate to high intensity online 45-minute class focusing on form, function and neurological health. Designed to get your heart pumping for all the high intensity benefits and your body moving with correct movement patterns to maximise daily function.

Neuro Lengthen:

A 45 minute ‘pilates style’ class designed for people with neurological conditions who are looking for a graded stretch and strengthening class

Balance BOOST:

Balance Boost is a fun, medium level online balance exercise class designed for those that want to improve their confidence with balance and reduce their risk of having the wobbles

Stretch and Strength:

A fun, low-medium level online strength and stretching exercise class. The programme is instructed by Rope Neuro Rehabilitation Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist and will be graded to suit your abilities


All classes are $10. If you are interested in attending one of our classes, please email for more information on how to join

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