Multiple Sclerosis

The team at Rope Neuro Rehabilitation are able to privide individualised assessments to identify the impariments and function of a person with Multiple Sclerosis.  

The assessment outcome may be to guide the person with MS towards an appropriate exercise that consider the capabilities adapted for symptoms presented.

The goals of which are to make the person with MS feel stronger/fitter and effectively manage fatigue and pain. 

To make an appointment please contact us at or call the office on 09 623 8433 or 021753273


MS Get a Head Start - empowering those living with Multiple Sclerosis

What is MS-Get a Head Start?

  • A high intensity interval training programme delivered by an MS- Get a Head Start certified clinician
  • One hour sessions, twice a week for 6 weeks

  • Individual or group based sessions

  • 6 educational topics covered: fatigue management, exercise prescription, pain management, cognitive and psychological well-being, other services, where to from here.

  • Learn how to exercise specifically for your MS and effectively self-manage your condition.

  • Evidence based approach to potentially slow down the progression of your MS.

Contact us at or call the office on 09 623 8433 or 021753273 to book in an assessment with our MS-Get a Head Start physiotherapist!



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