Neuro-oncology encompasses cancers which affect the brain or spinal cord – otherwise known as the Central Nervous System. For example:

  • Primary Brain tumours
  • Primary Spinal tumours
  • Secondary tumours which spread to the brain or spinal cord from other areas

Whether you are undergoing treatment – be it Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, immunotherapy or have had surgery for your condition you can receive input from Rope Neuro Rehab. We have specialist Neurological Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who have worked with people who have had Neuro-oncological conditions. We strive to provide wrap around support and care and will link in with local services when needed.


Your Neurological Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist will carry out a thorough assessment to determine what neurological symptoms are present. Some symptoms may be:

  • Weakness in one or both sides of the body
  • Sensory loss or change
  • Cognitive changes
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced balance
  • Reduced coordination or ataxia
  • Visual and perceptual changes

Following your assessment you Physiotherapist and or Occupational therapist will help to provide a Rehabilitation plan that is centred around your Goals and what you want to achieve.


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