Neuro Pilates is a form of exercise carefully taught in a way that works to promote normal movement patterns and to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and improve postural control. This is ideal for any neurological condition including Parkinson’s Disease, MS and Stroke.

Neurological disorders affect the way that nerves work and therefore how they control muscles. This can lead to weak muscles, tonal changes, slow movements, stiff joints and especially with the constant strain of gravity on our bodies can lead to bad posture, decreased balance and decreased function.

However, if we improve our core and pelvic stability they can act against gravity to make us more controlled at our centre. A strong core and pelvis improves posture and balance allowing us to be more functional and mobile. Improving core and pelvic stability and strength also allows us to reduce lower back pain and increase flexibility within the spine.

A study by Freeman, JA et al (2010) ‘The effect of core stability training on balance and mobility in ambulant individuals with multiple sclerosis’ was done based on a 8 week core stability program with home exercises. The evidence showed an increase in balance and mobility in ambulant/ walking people with MS after the core exercise program.

We can do one on one neurologocal pilates sessions or if there are two of you who would like to do joint sessions we can definitely accomodate that. If there is a group interested we would be happy to run a small group.

For an appointment with one of our experienced therapists please contact us to schedule an appointment on 09 623 8433

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