Charlotte graduated from Cardiff University, Wales in 2009. Following her junior rotations in the south west of England, she worked for three and half years in London teaching hospitals, specialising in Neurosurgery and Neuro rehabilitation in ward, community and outpatient settings. Charlotte has wide experience with spinal cord injuries, stroke rehabilitation, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and vestibular rehabilitation. She has also been the lead therapist for international clinics in London including movement disorders, motor neurone disease, spasticity and orthotics. Charlotte has been proactive in maintaining her professional development, with recent completion of competencies in LSVT BIG for management of Parkinson’s disease.  She has also lectured undergraduates at Kings College University and has been involved in numerous research trials in stroke management and motor neurone disease. 

Charlotte has recently moved to New Zealand from the UK, to gain international experience in neurological rehabilitation. She prides herself on communicating and educating her patients so that she can work with them, to achieve their personal rehabilitation goals. 

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