Rope Neuro Rehabilitation offers thorough training and support to our Physiotherapy Assistants.

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation in conjunction with Online Neuro Physio also offers training for other physio assistants. This training is available, both online through webinars and in person with in-services and a Physiotherapy assistants training course.

We do not currently have any one day courses scheduled. You can purchase modules online from 

We offer training in manual handling as well as illness specific information as to how to work with people with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury, Spinal cord injury etc. We are happy to do inservices on these topics.


This course one day course focuses on the skills and knowledge required to provide high level care for a neurological patient group. This programme with cover in detail four key neurological conditions; stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease and spinal cord injury and will focus on symptoms and on-going management.

The graduate will also gain transferrable skills and knowledge in manual handling, positioning, exercise programmes and use of treatment adjuncts such as splints, under the support of a health care professional.

This course is targeted at health care or rehab assistant that are currently working or aim to work with neurological clients. 

Click here to visit Online Neuro Physio or contact us on or 09 623 8433 for information about the course.

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