Research recommends high intensity practice of activities that are meaningful to improve the movement and function of one or both arms.  However the opportunity to work specifically on the Arm and Hand can be limited and often requires help to perform correctly.

We are happy to offer an opportunity for a supervised individualised circuit specifically designed for individuals with neurological impairment of the arm and or hand.

The circuit includes exercises and equipment designed to stimulate and strengthen weakened muscles in arms and hands affected by a neurological cause such as stroke, Parkinson's, MS, Spinal and other disorders.

You will be provided a programme to follow, which includes arm exercises and activities that are relevant and challenging for your individual abilities. You will be supervised whilst doing the programme by a therapist. There may be another person participating in the circuit at the same time.  

Before you are able to join the circuit it you will need to book in for an assessment with one of our therapists (contact us link), who will assess your needs and then set a suitable. Should you require constant supervision you may require one on one sessions until you have progressed to only require supervision.

Our clinic runs twice a week on Tuesday and Friday from 2-4pm.

Join in for one or both sessions

For an appointment with one of our experienced therapist please contact us to schedule an appointment on 09 623 8433

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