Your Journey through the Rope Neuro Upper limb Assessment Consultation process.

Who is Rope Neuro Rehabilitation and their clinicians?

 Rope Neuro Rehabilitation is a team of enthusiastic and forward thinking Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists specialising in providing evidence based assessment and treatment of the neurological population to maximise function.

We believe in working together with the client and their carers to provide clinically evident and individualised rehabilitation with those with a neurological condition.

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation staff have had extensive experience working with neurological clients in the community and supportive care settings.

Throughout all stages of rehabilitation our team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, are able to consider effects and implications of having a neurological disorder and provide thorough assessments and treatment prescription.


You will be assessed using functional based accredited assessment measurement tools by two therapists with a combined neurological clinical experience in excess of 25 years.  The specialist multi-disciplinary (Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy) service combines research based technology integrated assessment tool to establish your somatosensory (ability to feel and locate your arm/hand) awareness and create an individualised therapy programme to address areas of rehabilitation focus.

This is a private service which offers a unique opportunity to address creating neuroplastic change from high repetition task specific exercises under a specialist team of clinicians.  We are focused on the rehabilitation journey and functional change and addressing the motor and sensory impairments of the whole upper limb (shoulder/elbow/ wrist/ hand).

 Is it for me?

IF you have had a diagnosis of a neuro/neuro muscular condition (Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Upper limb/Focal Hand Dystonia, Essential Tremor, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia,) and are seeking an assessment/ support in how best to manage the impact of your condition on your arm/hand function then we are here to help through an assessment by someone who understands the nature of your condition and the best management plan for your condition and presentation.

 We will be able to advise you on the type/intensity and exercise guidelines advised by latest research – our team are then able to facilitate the rehabilitation plan and provide one on one session’s focused on creating neuroplastic change from high repetition task specific exercises.

We have a designated Occupational therapist – Nicola Merrilies, Physiotherapist – Mark McIntosh and Therapy Assistant Mariana Silva who will be your rehab team guiding your rehabilitation.

Sensory changes are often ignored however how can you gain control of your arm if you are unaware where it is. It is important to first address the sensory system to allow the motor control to improve.

 How can I access the services?

You simply register your interest on the Rope Neuro Rehabilitation website or contact our office 09 6238433 and we will schedule you the initial joint therapist appointment at your earliest convenience.

 If I need to see a member of the therapy team can I contact them or will they contact me?

In the first instance you will be contacted by our administration team who will schedule the appointment with the appropriate team member.  You will be provided with the name of the therapist and you may contact the provider directly or they will contact you to discuss further your specific needs/concerns

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